Landscape Architecture Design

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Caltrans design guidance
Landscape Architecture Design

Good design requires addressing and balancing a variety of competing goals.


Landscape Architects provide design services that help integrate a transportation facility within its setting, creating a visually pleasing travel experience for all who live, work, and travel in California. As part of the Project Development Team (PDT) Landscape Architects play a vital role in developing a multi-modal transportation network that coexists harmoniously with the natural and built environment.

Landscape design involves working with a wide range of materials and products. While some state transportation departments maintain an APL, or "Approved Products List" Caltrans Landscape Architecture program does not maintain an APL. Products that meet Caltrans specifications are able to be used on construction contracts by virtue of the fact that they meet our specification requirements. Please click here for more information on the New Products approval process.

Select the focus areas below for links to the technical information necessary to develop well rounded projects.


Programming Roadside Projects

SHOPP Program

The Roadside Programming page describes the Roadside SHOPP Program (State Highway Operation and Protection Program) and provides information on "programming" the following project types: Roadside Safety Improvement, Roadside Rehabilitation, New Highway Planting, and Roadside Protection and Restoration.

Click here for information on programmng roadside projects.

Design Guidance

Photo of Roadside Planting

The Design Guidance page provides Caltrans Landscape Architects with the guidance required to design sustainable roadside landscapes that meet functional requirements, conserve precious potable water resources, and require minimal ongoing maintenance.

Click here for information on designing roadside projects.

Plans, Specs, and Estimates

Contract Standards

This page provides the information necessary for Caltrans Landscape Architects to "document" landscape projects - developing the plans, specifications, and estimates necessary for Contractors to bid and construct roadside planting, irrigation, roadside safety, and erosion control work.

Click here for information on creating plans, specifications and estimates for roadside projects.