SHOPP Roadside Protection and Restoration Program

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The Roadside Protection and Restoration objective is to enhance, preserve or restore scenic and native landscape areas within or near roadsides, comply with regulatory agency mandates, improve corridor functionality, reduce highway facility life cycle costs, and improve worker safety. This element includes compliance with the following policies or statutory requirements:

  • Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975
  • Fish passage remediation when not part of bridge or culvert replacement work
  • Wildlife preservation and protection
  • Biological connectivity
  • Relinquishment of environmental mitigation sites
  • Restoration of unsuccessful environmental mitigation sites
  • Securing environmental resources that are in high demand but short supply
  • Roadside ecological viewing areas
  • Rehabilitation of vista points
  • Scenic enhancements
  • Elimination of qualifying junkyards
  • Nonconforming outdoor advertising sign removal

Use the PIR PID format for programming a SHOPP Roadside Protection and Restoration project.  Level of PIR would be as determined most appropriate to the project purpose and need. 

Contact your Landscape Architecture Program District Coordinator for more information.


Updated: July 10, 2017