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The Landscape Architecture PS&E Guide, January 2008, First Edition (US Customary Units) replaces the Landscape Architecture Standards Manual (Metric). Provided herein is information specific to preparing Planting and Irrigation Plans, Specifications and Estimates. In addition, this Guide provides design guidance and timesaving tools such as checklists, Doís and Doníts, and conversion tables. The goal is to provide the information necessary for a project to proceed smoothly through PS&E development. Following these instructions should ensure the PS&E documents are prepared to a quality standard that is biddable and buildable.

The intent of this guide is to place pertinent information specific to landscape architecture PS&E development and some design guidance in one location in a guideline format. We expect it to be continually updated and improved as new information is found and those using the guide make recommendations. Maintenance and updates will be coordinated through the Landscape Architecture Program.

  SECTION 1   Project PS&E Progress Check List
SECTION 2   Project Plan Standards
SECTION 3   Title Sheets
SECTION 4   Highway Planting Design, Plans, Plant List and Specifications Sheet
SECTION 5   Irrigation Plans
SECTION 6   Sprinkler Schedule
SECTION 7   Irrigation Crossovers
SECTION 8   Irrigation Quantities
SECTION 9   Standard Plans
SECTION 10   Specifications & Estimates
SECTION 11   Conversion Tables
SECTION 12   Construction
SECTION 13   Appendix