Ready to List Guide

The RTL Guide is published by the Division of Engineering Services-Office Engineer (DES-OE) to establish uniform procedures, define responsibilities, and provide guidance for preparing construction contract documents.

RTL Guide

SectionsDescriptionRevision Date
Cover Cover, Introduction & Table of ContentsJuly 2013
Purpose Purpose, Background, and Process OverviewJanuary 2014
Section 1Requirements for Ready to ListJanuary 2014
Section 2RTL Certification July 2013
Section 3DES-OE Construction Contract Services & Authority to Advertise July 2013
Section 4Construction Contract Advertisement, Bid Opening and Award Process July 2013
Section 5Validation of Plans, Specifications, and EstimatesJuly 2013
Section 6Special Provisions July 2013
Section 7Preparing the Project Cost EstimateFebruary 2014
Section 8DES-OE Task Management July 2013
Section 9Funding Package July 2013
Section 10PS&E Submittal RequirementsJuly 2013
Section 11DES-OE Draft Contract Document Processing July 2013
Section 12Informal Bids ProjectsOctober 2015
Section 13Contract Addenda July 2013
Section 14District Recommendation for Award/Requests to Reject BidsJanuary 2014
Appendix ADES-OE Organization ChartFebruary 2014
Appendix B Forms July 2013
Appendix CDefinition of AcronymsJuly 2013
Appendix D(Deleted)July 2013
Appendix EPS&E Submittal Memo July 2013
Appendix FRTL Certification Form July 2013
Appendix GSpecification Tools and GuidanceJuly 2013
Appendix HSteps in Processing District PS&E to Draft Contract ReadyJuly 2013
Appendix ISteps in Processing Informal Bids ContractOctober 2015