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Life-Cycle Benefit-Cost Analysis Model

The Transportation Economics Branch routinely conducts life-cycle benefit/cost analysis for proposed state highway and public transit projects. Such analysis is performed using Cal-B/C, a PC-based spreadsheet model developed by the Branch and outside consultants. Cal-B/C can be used to analyze many types of highway construction and operational improvement projects, as well as some Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and transit projects.

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The SB1 Grant Programs Emissions Calculator estimates emission changes for proposed projects using a methodology similar to the one developed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for the California Freight Investment Program (CFIP).  This calculator was developed for SB1 projects that the current Cal-BC models cannot analyze.  The calculator estimates the value of the emissions using the same monetary factors as in Cal/BC models.

SB 1 Emissions Calculator

2019 Cal-B/C INFRA Model new icon

Cal-B/C V6.2 INFRA Model

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US DOTís Benefit-Cost Analysis Resource Guidance (December 2018)

December 21, 2017 Cal B/C Workshop

Powerpoint Presentation

December 21, 2017 Cal-B/C Webinar Recording - Morning Session

December 21, 2017 Cal-B/C Webinar Recording - Afternoon Session

January 16, 2018 Cal B/C Workshop

January 16, 2018 Cal B/C Webinar Recording – Morning Session

January 16, 2018 Cal B/C Webinar Recording – Afternoon Session


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