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Stakeholder Involvement Is Essential in Planning Quote Page

Caltrans is committed to engaging the public as early and inclusively as possible in the transportation planning process.  Public engagement refers to the processes and activities by which Caltrans actively shares planning information with the public, provides opportunities for participation, and receives input on transportation programs, plans, and projects.  Public outreach and engagement is an essential component of transportation planning. 

Effective public involvement efforts provide meaningful opportunities for citizen participation in transportation planning and decision making. Through public engagement, Caltrans receives, considers, and incorporates public comments, concerns, and perspectives from a wide variety of constituents and stakeholders, including disadvantaged and traditionally under-represented communities.  Goals of public engagement also include: meaningful involvement of all people, information sharing among all parties, issues identification and clarification, alternatives evaluation, project concept improvement, collaboration, and consensus building.

Planning Public Engagement Contract

Since 2002, the Caltrans Office of Sustainable Community Planning has successfully managed four on-call, task-based, planning public engagement contracts (PPEC).  Under these contracts, a multi-disciplinary contractor team assists the twelve Caltrans districts and Headquarters (HQ) programs and in designing, arranging, conducting, and evaluating public engagement efforts, in accordance with federal and State mandates and generally accepted professional transportation planning practice.

The current contract, PPEC 4, was awarded in September 2014 to Moore Iacofano Goltsman, Inc. (MIG).  Founded in 1982, MIG is a multi-disciplinary corporation offering services in public involvement, planning, design, management, communications, graphics, and technology.  Headquartered in Berkeley, MIG has seven branch offices in California, as well as offices in Oregon, Texas, New York, and North Carolina.  MIG’s areas of expertise include public  engagement and communication programs to support successful transportation planning efforts.

For this contract, MIG also offers specialized services from the following subcontractors:

  • CHS Consulting Group, providing technical assistance and transportation planning
  • EMC Research, Inc., providing public opinion research, surveys, and focus groups
  • InterEthnica, providing interpretation and translation services
  • The Sierra Group, providing grassroots multi-cultural outreach, communications, and assistance with public meetings and charrettes.

MIG was also the prime contractor for the second PPEC (November 2006 to February 2011).  Other previous Caltrans public engagement contracts were held by VRPA Technologies, Inc.  (June 2011 to February 2014) and Jones and Stokes (June 2002 to June 2005).

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