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Caltrans Incorporates Active Transportation Friendly Concepts onto State Route 62 in Joshua Tree

Caltrans News Flash #143

Date: August 18, 2017
District: Headquarters
Contact: Terri Kasinga
Phone: (909) 383-4646
Contact: Tamie McGowen
Phone:(916) 657-5060

SAN BERNARDINO – Caltrans recently announced the completion of a project in Joshua Tree that actively incorporates complete streets concepts, designed to accommodate all users. The project on State Route 62 in Joshua Tree used funds from a current construction project to restripe the downtown section of Joshua Tree with bike lanes and diagonal parking in order to more safely move vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists through the downtown business district.

"Innovative street design solutions like this are an important part of Caltrans' efforts to modernize our approach to improving transportation for all Californians. Projects like this are an opportunity to make meaningful improvements that create streets which move all users safely and efficiently along and across the roadway."

Malcolm Dougherty, Director, Caltrans

The majority of SR 62 is a four-lane highway with two lanes in each direction with approximately eight foot shoulders. The section of SR 62 through downtown Joshua Tree has outside shoulders that extend over forty feet—space now being used to stripe out areas to park, add bike lanes and create more controlled lanes. The striping improvements will make it easier and safer for vehicles to park, exit the highway and prevent illegal passing. It will also provide better access for bicyclists and enhance safety for all users of the downtown area.

"Caltrans plans to continue these types of improvements to enhance the state's highway system and make it multi-modal for all users throughout District 8."

John Bulinski, Director, Caltrans District 8

A "complete street" means one that is planned, designed, operated and maintained to provide safe mobility for all users of the roadway – whether bicyclists, pedestrians, transit vehicles, truckers or motorists – and doing so in a way appropriate to the local community. Caltrans has been working to further integrate the complete streets concept into all Caltrans' functions and processes, from planning to building projects.

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